Written Words ~ Psalms 45:1

Welcoming all Christian Writers, Editors, and Webmasters towards encouraging each other in the Lord!
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Name: Kimberli Trenholm

Age: 16

Personality: Weird

Favorite Things To Do: Write and surf the Web

Favorite Book of the Bible: Romans

Musical Ability: Piano (no singing!)


My Dedications!

Web sites that I love...

Free Magazines1 Here are lots of Christian magazines that you can get! Some are totally free subscriptions and others are a "one issue free" deal. But all of them are worth skimming over. Watch for other links on this same line here!

TDDM My favorite daily devotional ministry! Maybe it's because all the devotions meet me where I am... or maybe it's because they are free... or maybe you should should just check out the site : )